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Sep 3, 2017
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I know it may sound like a stupid question but figured I'd ask. My current dynamik genesis theme has a glitch in the code that is slowing the site load times. Three different developers have looked at it and say it's a code issue that is pretty tough to fix. They all came up with just transferring my content to a new theme and starting over. I actually don't mind as I'd like to freshen up the look of the website, add the yoast seo plugin and make the transfer to ssl. So are there any themes that seem to work better for local search. I want something that's not too buggy, user friendly where any developer can maintain and something that looks appealing. From my research, the Divi and Armada themes seems to be pretty popular with most developers. Also seem to have some good layouts for the construction/service industry. Thoughts?
There really aren't any themes that are better than others for local. I'd pick a theme that is good for your business (or the business and what they do).

Most of the optimizations, really, are not theme-related. For example, local markup, Open Graph data, good local content, and Yoast's SEO plugin is helpful. Yoast does have a local SEO plugin, as well.
Yeah, that's what I kind of figured. I think I'm more concerned about getting a theme that works well without any bugs. My current dynamik genesis theme has an issue in the code that no developer seems to be able to fix. Hoping to find one that's more reliable. Is the Yoast local SEO worth the cost versus the free plugin?
If it's a Genesis theme, then I would contact Genesis directly. They are typically really good about fixing these issues. I actually know the Genesis developers personally.
Short answer. No.

Pick a theme with a sold code base. The Genesis and Divi frameworks great.

Then you will have to setup your Local SEO. There are some plugins that help with Local SEO but be prepared to do some tweaking especially when it comes to Schema Markup.

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