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Aug 23, 2014
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I'm seeing this on every listing today so far that has messaging enabled on their Google Business Profile, with the exception of SABs (listings with the address hidden). Are you guys seeing it as well?



I'm seeing it for the profile you show in french. I can't trigger it for local Quebec profiles, though, even those who explicitly have messaging active, so if this is connected to the GBP live messaging option, it appears to be restricted geographically in some way.
Yes, I can see it too, but I have the impression that it depends on the Google account because I don't see it from other accounts on the same profile. Maybe it's tests? Once the option appeared on the desktop.

Are you still seeing them, Joy? I just checked and I'm not seeing anymore on your exemple in English... but in French it's still there 😵‍💫
I haven't enabled SMS notifications for any listings so I'm not sure. Is there not a clear option to change it once you set it up?
I cant see any chat . Is it available only in some countries?

I think the feature is visible to all for the GBPs that have it active, but not applied to all GBPs owners with GBP chat. It may be in partial/slow deployment. It took almost two months before social profiles editing was available to all accounts. As far as I can tell, Quebec GBPs do not have it enabled yet.

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