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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi All,

I have been using Freshbooks for a long long time, and I have enjoyed some of the simplicity and other benefits. As the product has evolved, and they are trying to turn it into a full fledged accounting software, it no longer does the things I need easily (and I have changed too, we have grown apart, no hard feelings).

Does anyone have a billing software that they like or would recommend?
We use Practice Ignition and I've been really happy with it. Their fees are reasonable and get lower the more you bill.
You mentioned that Freshbooks was becoming too much like accounting software, but out of curiosity, do you use other accounting software? How do you do your bookkeeping? I ask because if you use QuickBooks, you could use them to do your billing as well.

I use QuickBooks for my bookkeeping, but I’ve always use different software for estimating and invoices. Not that long ago I realized that my credit card processing company, Square, offers free estimating and invoicing software that works pretty well, and it’s very simple like I want it to be.

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