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Mar 21, 2014
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I have been under the impression that a listing on BOTW national directory had significant value and was a ranking factor as seen by Google. As these listings are $149.00 per client annually (bulk discounted at $75.00) it's not crazy money, but it's a sizable invoice every year. As the discussion about citations continues, I'd be interested to learn if anyone has any thoughts on if this is a 'fear of loss' expense, or a valuable investment on behalf of my clients. @whitespark ? - Thanks!
Hmm. It may have provided "significant value" 15 years ago, but I'd say it's fairly "minor value" these days. We don't pay for the enhanced listings on BOTW. A basic listing is fine. Here's how we add listings:

- Go to Best of the Web - Sign Up
- Click “Continue”.
- Fill in all the business details and click “Complete Sign Up And Start Building Your Listing”.
- On the next page, click the hyperlinked word “here”.
- On the next page, fill in all the additional details you might need to, and click “Finalize Listing”.

I would say there is no fear of loss by not renewing. I would say that about almost any site other than Google, unless that site is sending you direct leads. A few gaps in your citation profile won't hurt you. And, I think you'll just downgrade to a basic listing if you don't renew, so you'll still have a listing anyway.

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