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Aug 13, 2012
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So I just opened up a new LOCATION 40 miles west of my 1st location

Everything is the same except the address and phone #
So my question is should I add NEW citations?

at this point imn not worried about a google + page just citations

A seo person said I should not add XTRA citations but rather embed my new address to my website ?

any suggestions ?
A seo person said I should not add XTRA citations but rather embed my new address to my website?

Not sure why they would say that. Yes you need citations and yes you need to have NAP on your site.
OK so build Citations for every location and the idea is to keep

1) Business name the same for all locations
2) Business web address the same for all CITATIONS no matter how many locations
3) different phone # for every location
4) different address for every location

that's the way right ?
Yes correct. Only thing I'd add is don?t mix NAP anywhere on the site on the same page. Have main location on home and contact us and then links to separate location pages. Plus more than 2 locations, should not keep linking each G+ L to home page but link to location page instead otherwise can impact ranking on your main listing.
If you are starting from fresh, I would either set your listing up via Map Maker or have someone that knows what they are doing there do it for you, then claim that listing. Use that address in your citations that you are going to create.
And I'm sure you probably already know this, but when creating a new page on your site for your second location, make sure that the content is unique. In other words, don't just copy and paste what you already have for your first location and just change the address and phone number. Google hates duplicate content.

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