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Sep 6, 2016
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Hi! First post here.
Several competitors rank above me in local search and I believe the reason is that they include in their "Name", a bunch of location keywords (which they don't use in their normal trading name, storefront etc).
I am sure you all encounter this a lot. I am wondering what is best practice for dealing with this - should I "make a suggestion" about a name change? Is there something I should do directly on Google maps? Or should I do my own thing and ignore them?!
Thank you!
Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forum!

Yes I would def try to get those names changed. It's just leveling the playing field and taking away their unfair advantage!

The easiest way to do it is right on maps: suggest an edit. But I don't know any more how often those get reviewed or how fast/if they get changed.

MapMaker might be a better/faster option but it's more complicated. We have a couple experts here that I hope will weigh in soon to offer the best suggestion for you.

Regardless if you make the edit via Maps or MapMaker, it all goes to MapMaker moderators to review unless the business has a hidden address. You can post your edits on the MapMaker forum if you haven't had them reviewed in 7 days. I wouldn't ignore them :) See for more details.
Thank you Linda and Joy, much appreciated.
I have made a few edits to the most egregious examples (those with several locations shoehorned into their name), and will see what happens

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