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Jul 29, 2013
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I just closed a chiropractor on local SEO.

When you go to his website you see ABC Chiro & XYZ Physical Therapy.

Two seperate businesses. They aren't partners (state law prohibit it). The PT leases space from him.

They have both NAP's on the website, oh and to top it off, they have a second location! All NAP's listed on the website.

They have 1 Places page, and that looks like it is for the Chiropractor.

A bit of a mess.

I imagine we need 4 places pages in all here, right? (Two for each location).

Then we need to do something about the NAP on the website.

What's the best way to handle this?
Hey Tyson. This one is complicated. Need a whole lot more info.

Are you being paid just to optimize the Chiro or both?

2 different sites or just the one site?

2 different phones or one?

2 different suites or one?

Are the names just like this? ABC Chiro & XYZ Physical Therapy. I mean I know those are made up names but are they both practice names or is one a Drs name?

This could be very complicated and a problem on several levels. Because in addition to the 2 practices and 2 locations there are also 2 doctors Google may create or may have already created pages for as well.

Combine all that with the fact a doctor can't have separate listings for all this specialties. Since these are at same address and very similar fields, the algo or a manual review could assume these are the same business ESPECIALLY if same site, address and phone and similar categories or industries.

FYI the Local SEO training you just took or are currently taking - toward the end in the Advanced tips section I talk about how to handle multiple NAPs on one site.

Answer the Qs above and when I have time will try to help more but backed up on consulting and family health issues so could take a couple days before I have time to reply.
Linda, thanks for your reply and no rush getting back to me, if you want me to take this into the private forum I can.

Paid for both optimizations

1 site

1 phone per location

1 suite

Yes they are like that, NOT Dr's names.

Too bad I didn't take your Places Course before I signed this client, lol.

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