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Oct 6, 2021
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Here is the situation, one of clients have seen a review disappear on their profile multiple times now, they have seen customers posting reviews, but then Google never posts the review on their profile and doesn't update their review stats either.

Then we get the question what can we do about it?

In regards to the missing reviews we have no idea which review Google pulled and what the contents of the review was.

The same applies for reviews that are freshly posted, but for some reason never appear live, we don't know what could have triggered the filtering and prevention of the review going live.

And bothering customers to inquire what they posted, when they posted, from where they posted on a regular basis isn't ideal either, especially for the client.

So my question is, is there a solution that offers the ability to:

1: Monitor total review count and alerts us if a new review is added.
2: Monitor total review count and alerts us if a review, new or old is removed.
3: Provides us full review details (contents, publish details, rating, photos,etc) of the review(s) being removed.

Do you use any specific instructions on your client's Leave Us a Review page on their business website to guide customers in the right direction to ensure they leave a review that won't be filtered, or reduced the likelihood to be filtered?

Thanks in advance for your insights.
I would check out GatherUp. I think they can do what you are looking for.

Also, if you turn review notifications on you should be able to get notifications directly from Google, except for some of the details you mentioned in the third point.

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