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Aug 7, 2013
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Mike shares his obervations on Google's Home Service Ads. Lots of good stuff in this post. Also check out a related post "GOOGLE TESTING SPONSORED HOME SERVICES MARKETPLACE SNAK PAKS"

By Mike Blumenthal
July 30, 2015


Google?s test of the their new Home Service Ads generated a fair bit of conversation yesterday on Twitter. The ads started appearing more widely throughout the day allowing folks to dig in and get a better look.
Thanks Justin and Susan.

Behind the 8 ball over here on the west coast since it's not even 7:30 yet.
Looks like I have some catching up to do! Can't wait to read all.
In case anyone missed it, check out the discussion our pros have been having here:

<a href="">Google Testing New Paid Home Services Local Pack</a>
Mind reader! :p Thanks so much Susan, was just coming to post that link too.
YOU, should be resting - oh wait it's not 11am. Ok, I won't yell at you today then . . .yet.
Haha, Scott, my 1st boss liked that comment. :p You can be my boss too Susan.
Need all the help I can get forcing myself to take those breaks!
Here is a follow up to this topic from Search Engine Land - great piece - could be a game changer -

Google Home Services Ads For Locksmiths, Plumbers Hit San Francisco Market

I really like that they are "qualifying" the businesses - and doing criminal background checks etcs.

Of note: There is an astonishing difference between the quality and thought and perspective that SELand put into the above article and an article Danny Sullivan wrote about paid inclusion back in 2012, just 3 years ago. Read Danny's article from that time: Once Deemed Evil, Google Now Embraces "Paid Inclusion"

Danny's previous article covered history, perspective, and laid out his perspective. It was thoughtful. It cited Google and Google's perspective.

Well done. I don't see SELand doing those types of articles today. Too bad. Perspective is lost.

With regard to the current experiment....driving quotes for work does "answer" clear and certain questions.

As an aside....this is what thumbtack does. Thrumbtack, the site that google invested a lot of money in. It works on some level, whether it is currently profitable or not. People see the services offered by thumbtack and ask for submittals. They do buy from these services.

I'd simply add that when the sponsored services sit above the other sites and links it kills traffic to other sites.

When that occurs Google becomes a money machine..servicing google and is far far less a search engine. That is my $0.02
I don't blame Google for monetizing local and this is a smart way (from their viewpoint) of doing it.

And if people that can't rank want to pay to play - more power to them.

My only concern is if the paid service ads displace the organic local packs that would be a shame. Because then service businesses won't be as inclined to pay you for optimization.

But then again, there is always organic. BUT if the traditional packs are gone, so are the map pins, reviews and all the local data.

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