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Apr 24, 2019
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Hi, everyone!

We have a client who has a cleaning referral agency in California. Her business category in GMB is "house cleaning service". The problem is that it doesn't show consistently.

When I do a direct search and get her GMB panel on the right, the business category is missing. When I pull her local listing organically in search, e.g. "house cleaning agency + city" or "move out cleaning service + city" and she shows in the 3-pack, the business category is there. When I pull her up in maps, again the category is there. The only time it's NOT there, is when I search directly.

I've tried looking up the issue, but found nothing. I suspect that the problem is that her name says "agency". Playing around with other cleaning agencies in LA, I notice the same issue.

GMB support didn't really understand me. Here's their reply:

From the form that you filled out I gather that you wish to know why the knowledge panel in the web search does not show your category whereas in the Map search it does.

Eve, when I tried to do my checks I was not able to pull up the listing for the business with the email that you have provided. I am attaching a hint to the email associated to help you remember in…@…. If you can remember this email you may simply continue using the listing as intended or else use these steps to request ownership of the listing.

On another note Eve the listing as such will show in different ways both on the Map and in the web search. The format that you see is the same for all users who are registered with us. Beyond you may use the send feedback option to give the specialist team a notificaiton so that they may work on including that in the listing.

Has anyone had a similar issue? Can anyone confirm my suspicions?

I guess I can remove the "agency" from the name and see what happens, but if anyone has encountered this before, I'd appreciate their feedback.

Hi Eve,

I'm seeing this across the board for SAB listings. The category shows on Google Maps but not in the KP. Can you confirm your example is an SAB with a hidden address?


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