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Aug 4, 2012
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Hey everyone...

I am setting up call tracking (with CallRail) on a website. As you probably know, CallRail will swap out every instance of the normal number with a call tracking number so I can figure out which traffic sources are generating the most leads.

CallRail automatically changes all numbers, including the number in my schema code. I emailed CallRail and they said I can just add the '&nbsp' sign anywhere in the number and it should be fine.

So the "phone number" line would look like:

Phone: (623)&nbsp:348-4592

Do you think having that '&nbsp' between the numbers would cause any issues?
Hi Andrew,

You'll need a semicolon in there for it to be a proper HTML entity. Like: (623)?348-4592.

But, I don't get what they're saying. Are they saying they won't do the replacement on that number because it has the ? in it?

Either way, I don't really like adding that to your number in schema. They don't offer any other way to exclude a number on the page from the replacement?

Could you do it this way? (623) 348-4592? ?

Do they have any evidence to prove that adding the ? won't mess with Google's ability to pick up the number?

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Looks like the entities I added got interpreted. That's probably why you wrote them the way you did!

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Hi Andrew. When the tracking number is showing on the site and you do a view source does the tracking number or original number appear in the code? The call tracking we use does not alter the source code so even if the tracking number is displayed when you view the source it only shows the original number,is the tracked number does not appear anywhere in the source so the schema is not affected.

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