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Feb 24, 2013
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Just curious if any Canadian consultants have simply told their clients to just drop YellowPages 360 Solutions? I want to recommend it as they place my client in the wrong directories all the time, have included the wrong business name a few times in the listing, the landing page they create is crawlable and appears in SERPs along with the call tracking number.

Chris, it would depend on what kind of package your client has purchased. It is essential that you have a CORRECT listing on as it is pretty much the equivallent of Localeze, Infogroup, and Acxiom (altogether) for Canada. They do have some priority placement and enhanced business information offerings that could additionally increase the value of the listing, but beyond that I have heard only negative things about their online marketing services.
Thanks, Nyagoslav, I had the correct info at one point and then somehow they managed to change the business name which totally botched my cleanup work. They also like to include listings for practitioners all with the same address and phone which again isn't the greatest.

I was mainly referring to the service they provide for managing Google Adwords (and call tracking) for clients, and providing listing statistics. I was finally able to check some stats for a client and they've been declining steadily for the last year with no action taken by YP. They also provide a landing page with a call tracking number which of course they let Google index.

I'd like to recommend simply ditching the service but am a bit hesitant. Was hoping someone else might have gone through this with a client and successfully stopped the YP services.

Thanks again Nyagoslav.

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