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Oct 11, 2018
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Hi there,

I am currently having some difficulties verifying a GmB page that I manage. Every time that I submit the Verify request, it takes me back to the main page and the status is still "Verification Needed" instead of "Verification Pending". This is a Service Area business, so I'm wondering if the issues are related.

I have tried to contact Google Chat Support about this, but every time that I do the status is 'Chat support is currently not available'. This is happening on a couple of different email accounts, all belonging to the same organizational G-Suite.

Since I couldn't contact Chat Support, I tried to post about the issue on the Google Advertising Community. I receive the following 'Access Denied' message when I tried to create a post (see screenshot below). I have posted on the forum before and never received this message until now.

I'm starting to worry that I've been penalized for something that I've done... and that the different problems are related. But I don't know what I've done that would cause this! Has anyone had any experience with this type of problem before? Starting to get seriously worried.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 11.01.30 AM.png
Hi @WAHamilton I had the same issue with chat support today. Instead of refreshing I just waited it out and the "chat unavailable" message went away after about 20 mins. I just worked on some other tasks and kept my eye on it so I could jump on it once the message went away.

In regards to the GMB forum, when did you create your post? I am wondering if it's related to the forum moving to a new platform which is here - Community forum - Google My Business Help
@Colan Nielsen Thanks for the response! That is probably what is happening with the GMB forum, I believe I was trying to post on the old site.

I will try that fix on Google Chat support next time I run into that issue with them. Phew! Glad to hear that Google hasn't shadow banned me -- I was kinda worried about that for a bit.

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