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Aug 8, 2012
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There used to be a place in google where you could change your location if i am in town B but want results as if i were in town C i would enter town C. I dont see it anymore...can anyone please confirm that is no longer available...or am i looking in the wrong place?
Hi Shonda,

Here's where I see it in Canada:

choose location.png

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I use the AdWords preview tool as well:

choose location2.png

choose location.png

choose location2.png
Yep that's where it is in US too. Thanks Colan!
Another place to find it is by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. If not signed in, you will have to do a quick search first before the gear icon appears. I thought Google had removed it too, but they only made it harder to find.




You should also be able to override your local search location by appending "IN City, State" to the end of your search string. I haven't checked recently but it appears to give the same SERPs as if I manually changed locations in the search options.
Just on a slight side note, this is why local rank tracking is so difficult nowadays. I actually live in the centre of my city, but for some reason, Google grabs my location for searches as a neighbouring city (about 20 miles away).

Does anyone know why this happens? - Is it to do with the server location or something? :confused:

It doesen't effect my own rank tracking as I use "Places Scout" that manually tracks the location for each client.

I'm also still seeing the "Search location" button just fine here in Taxachusetts. The only place I don't see it is in iOS, though maybe there's a way to change it that I just haven't found.
@Andrew - it dosent work all the times, working or not depends on keywords and niche

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@Nick - we have identified that Google IP Location DB has over 20% records different than official ISP providers DB ( Ripe & Arin ), most probably this is why you get the wrong location


changing location from the GUI might work in most of the cases for the organic results, but for advertisers many times fails depending on how the AdWords campaigns were configured.

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