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Jul 19, 2012
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We recently started running into this page when creating listings on Merchant Circle - | Contact Us

It's showing up when we go to create or claim listings.

Has anyone run into this with their Citation team? Any workarounds that you know of?
Hey Colan are you referring to the page detecting that you're adding multiple listings and they require direct contact to continue?

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Thanks Chris,

I believe so, yes.
Have you tried running your browser in 'private/incognito' mode or try clearing out your cookies? Unless they're detecting IP you could run through a proxy server or third party DNS

Chris McCreery
I'll make sure to do that. We have never encountered it before so I wanted to see if it was a new feature.
Colan, Have not seen that with Merchant, but Ive started using HideMyAss for sites like this.
Since I do the citation myself for my clients, I have experienced it so many times. Make sure to use proxy server to change your IP address.

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