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Mar 28, 2013
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Google allows you to use your home address if you do in fact run your business out of your home. With that being said if you were to post listings of your business on the internet, obviously you would not want to reveal your personal residence.

With that being said, will Google still count citations if there is no physical address?
For instance ABC Company, 222-222-2222,

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Hi bluehabit,

Even though you have hopefully hidden your address on your G+ Local page, Google still needs to see citations that match the address that's in your dashboard - ideally.

I don't think all that many consumers are going to search and find you in directories anyway, and if they do they likely won't know that's your home address or look it up.

Plus many citation sources won't let you post without using an address anyway. However if you are really worried about privacy, here is a list of citation sources from Phil Rosek, one of our Top Contributors of citation sources that don't require address.

PRIVATE Citations for "Hide your Address" Service Area Businesses?

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