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Jul 27, 2012
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It's a while since I have had to do this for a client and not on the new Places For Business dashboard.

Should I just alter the citations and website and then alter the dashboard listing?

Or mark the business as closed and start again?
Are they just changing addresses? Same name, phone, site, etc.? If so, you should just be able make the address change in the new dash and that's it. And yes, be sure to correct all citations to the new address. I would probably start with those, then do Google.

Not sure if it's different in the UK though.

Also, moved this post to the "moving or name change" section since it's a specific issue.
Thanks for moving to the right forum Scott!
Saved me some carpal pain! Appreciate your help!

Jo Scott is right on. The current procedure is to edit listing. BUT be advised if Google thinks it's a big enough move (and they don't define big) then THEY will create a new listing and mark the old one closed. So for 6 weeks or so I'd just keep an eye out in case new listing is created and CID changes and also to be sure the old one is marked as relocated not closed, with a link to the new listing for the benefit of clients that may search and see the old listing.

If it's right up the street should be fine, but explaining the issue above so you know for cross town moves or whatever.
Hi all,

I just wanted to check to see if this is still the recommended procedure for an address change.

In my case, the client is a SAB who is moving from one office to another. The new office is in the same metro area, and her service area will be unchanged. But, the new address will be in a different town.

Anything I should be aware of, other than doing a citation cleanup?

Thanks very much in advance.
Hi Erim, still the same. When a business moves just edit the address in the GMB dashboard and edit all the important directories.

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