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Aug 4, 2014
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Most of my businesses I work with are in units or suites.

I have a business that is in Suite 203.

I have seen #203, Ste. 203 and Suite 203 all used. Additionally, should this be the first address line entered or appended to the street address line.

Name of Business (there have been a number of different naming conventions used in the past for this name, that I am working on correcting ann cleaning up.)

Matthew K Boudreau - Nationwide Insurance

In Google Map Maker it looks like this:
10020 Southern Maryland Boulevard, Dunkirk, Maryland 20754, United States
Ste. 203, 10020 Southern Maryland Boulevard, Dunkirk, Maryland 20754, United States

In Maps

10020 Southern Maryland Boulevard #203, Dunkirk, MD 20754, USA Phone: +1 877-631-9859, +1 410-257-6766, +1 301-855-5959.

In the GMB Dashboard like this:

Ste. 203, 10020 Southern Maryland Boulevard, Dunkirk, MD 20754
(877) 631-9859

It appear that each place this can be edited in the Google ecosystem has different methods and still is using multiple front ends for the maps dB. Any this isn't event mentioning other sites and correcting the NAP. FYI using Moz Local for this business.

(I've also run into another issue that the GMB Dashboard is telling me that this is a duplicate after building the G+ page and adding all of the content. - drives me nuts)

Thanks for any insight into answering this question.

Thanks Andrew!

Hi Chris,

And as far as where to put Suite, the guidelines say this and always best to follow the guidelines or can result in problems.

Guidelines: "If you need to specify a mail box or suite number within your physical location, please list your physical address in Address Line 1, and put your mail box or suite number in Address Line 2."

And FYI you can't totally go by how it looks in maps or MM because sometimes things are abbreviated for space or display purposes.

The whole NAP and dupe thing can get really confusing. I have whole sections in my training on them both. Because if you don't do all the checks and research in advance to be sure you are using the best version of NAP or don't do all the different methods of uncovering dupes, then you can end up wasting time redoing it all later.

Google is not very forgiving about name and address changes, so really important to get it right the 1st time and then not change at all unless absolutely necessary.
And doesn't Map Maker guidelines say to put it in the first line of the address? Always struck me as odd.
Yeah agreed with Linda

I have always tried to put suite numbers on the second line. However, in Australia we have a lot of 3/8 Street etc.... and I tend to put that on the first line. Thinking now it should be on the second, but I think that its also a convention in AU.
It is always good to check Map Maker to see the address is formated properly and translates from Local over to Maps appropriately. Since the whole point of the physical address is for routing it is important to make sure it is set up with fully spelled out location names and everything shows in the right field in Map Maker.

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