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Jan 3, 2020
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I setup a business profile for a SAB and added a Cover Photo.

I made that image the Cover on the GMB Business Site.

I "Liked" the profile photo by 5 other accounts.

GMB is randomly selected another photo as the cover. I reached out to support and they said that setting the cover photo doesn't always pick up on the maps. While I know this can be true, I thought that setting it in the GMB Business Site and liking it by other accounts would help boost it to the cover. I haven't had this issue on other accounts where I've set a new cover photo.

Is there anything else I can do or am I just at Google's mercy on this one?
@TriciaClements, unless you can remove the photo that Google seems to like, then yeah, I would say you're pretty much at Google's mercy.

You might try flagging the current cover photo as "Poor quality" or "Not a photo or video of this place," though Google may just pick another photo you're not too fond of.

Eventually Google may switch up the cover photo, though.
Thank you all for your responses. It is a bit odd that on all my other listings, the cover photo is coming up as what I select, but for this specific one, it's coming up as the most recent image I add that's not an image of the client (a realtor). I guess Google likes pictures of homes instead of the agent.

Luckily it's not a bad image that's currently coming up, so for now I think she's going to just be stuck with it. I did tell the agent to get a picture in front of a home for sale and if we post that, maybe Google will show it as the cover.
Thank you @BenFisher I updated the cover image on the GMB and it still won't update on the profile as the cover. At least what's being selected isn't a bad photo. It's odd that this is the only profile I can't get the cover photo to change on.
One interesting thing I found after talking to another client today. Google doesn't seem to like to use the Cover image you give them for Real Estate Agents.

I can get the cover image to be the one I select for other businesses, but not realtors. Not sure if this is a thing or if it's just a fluke I'm seeing.
I spent months trying everything to get a restaurant I manage to update the cover to our most popular food item. Google was selecting a shelf of dried goods in the restaurant which was very unappealing.

I tried different image sizes, angles, different crops and versions of the photo, liking, flagging etc. I finally tried the front of our restaurant and it literally took 1 second to update.

I can't say for certain, but to me, it seems Google may have filters in place for cover images based on business category and if it isn't of something they want, they just won't show it. I get the impression food is a no for restaurants. You may have something in your industry similar (which you eluded to with homes vs. agent). I would try totally different topics and see if it makes a difference.

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