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Jul 18, 2012
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Hello- I have a dentist client who keeps getting calls from people asking about free clinic services.

The dentist is out of Philadelphia and I've searched all types of variations of "free clinic" and he's not showing up in the SERPS.

Curious to know if any other folks here have encountered something like this.

Here's the client's G+L page:
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Hey Chris,

I think it's just because Dental Clinic used to be in Len's categories. Because you are right, I don't really see any 3rd party data. But he does have the word free a couple times on his site. So the word free on the site, plus the word Dental Clinic in categories is likely what did it.

Since you just removed that category April 30th, and since for so long Google had connected the dots for free clinic and dental clinic, I think it will just take time to flush out. Or possibly will resolve after the next update.
Hi Chris,

Have you checked in Google Webmaster Tools on the "traffic -- search queries" section, to see if he is ranking for any "cheap" themed keywords?

That can be useful to look at as (when looking with Analytics), we are often greeted with "not provided" :mad:.
Actually had this happen to one of my high profile dentists. He was also getting the same type of calls about free dental care. There were quite a few references to "pain free dentistry" on his site. Simply went into the site and re-worded some of those statements. Changed to "painless" or "no pain" or the like. Haven't had any other calls since.
Good point Scott.

Len's site: FREE. Pain-free, free whitening, feel free to...

Google site search even finds instances of the word clinic, but looks like they've been removed.

@Nick- Good call, the data was right under my nose...


@Linda- Neat trick there. I was going around my elbow to get to my thumb trying to find out how to search for keyword density. You're trick is a helluva lot easier!

@Rawly- Thanks for your input.

I'll let you all know how it goes.


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