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Apr 21, 2014
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This is the latest wrinkle in a problem project, and I just want to see if I'm missing anything.

The developer didn't block Google from crawling a redesigned site -- (a made up name). Here's my tentative game plan...
What am I missing?
Is the staging site dead forever or will it be used again in the future?

If it will never be used again then I think your plan is sound. Canonical tags on the staging pages back to the main site may help.
Great question. I suppose they could use it in the future to make changes. What is your concern there?
I've just had bad experiences in the past making sitewide redirect rules, and then having to spend a bunch of time and effort untangling the mess afterwards when I realized I wanted to use those pages again.

Don't think it should be too big of an issue though.
Well it's a great point. I'll need to be sure the devs are aware of that. Thanks!
This is one of the "little things" that I appreciate about WPEngine's staging servers - they take care of ticking that box for you when you create a new staging instance.

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