Dec 12, 2013
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I'm curious to see everyones answer here. I frequently have competition from a number of places that has different packages (Gold, Silver, Bronze), and this kind of drives me crazy. I pretty much have one price, and the main deliverable is "Better SEO for you!" - the packages seem crazy because, of what they leave out of some, and put in others. I am also amused by what they put in as a line item:

- Google WebMaster Tools claiming
- Google Analytics
- Mobile site analysis

I could definitely see charging a bit more for certain features, like article creation or whatever, but the notion of a few different packages just seems foolish. Maybe I should be more open to it, and maybe it's just the way people expect to buy it, but, I don't see it.


Jul 22, 2012
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We have different pricing levels but just because it's an easier way to translate that we'll be working more/fewer hours. We still work on what they need to get the meter moving but how much we do a month depends on their budget.

Every once in a while our clients get approached by these kind of companies and their USPs and different product offerings are often pretty hilarious.

LJ Ferguson

Oct 11, 2016
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I'm glad to hear packages work for some, but I never figured out how to structure a package plan. Each client's needs are so different.

Adam Broetje

Oct 3, 2016
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We have been struggling with this for years. The hardest part is the discrepancy between extremely technical/detailed work and trying to simply explain it to the average business owner. This is where packages help.

We ultimately decided to create "foundational" packages that include core pieces that are similar to most local businesses, then we offer additional services on top as necessary. The reality is that you can't create packages that will work for everyone, but there are core pieces that apply to certain types of clients.

Packages tend to bring up the question: If my competitor and I are on the same package, how do I beat them? Do I have to pay more?

Our answer to this is that the more involved they are in the process, the more success they will see. We are happy to consult by providing guidance on what their team should execute, or they can pay for additional work on top of their package and we can really dig in.

We also built a "Leads Manager" that tracks all leads (web & phone) along with their sources so that all new business is completely transparent. This allows us to make recommendations to clients on additional areas where they may be able to win new business, yet have those results be completely transparent. If it works, great. If it doesn't, cut the losses and move on to other tactics.

Of course all of this is vetted in the sales process and in some cases we recommend straight consulting arrangements. Packages aren't for everyone.
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