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Nov 8, 2012
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I have a double listing for a client in their Google Places dashboard that I just took over. Both require verification, one was sent before I took over and appears the client did not get or the staff were not warned and it was discarded and I think based on the description for it compared to MapMaker that it is the one showing in MapMaker. The other listing has a verfification card that should be arriving any day now and I am concerned about verifying it and creating another listing out there. Neither listing's information matches the Google+ Local page that appears so I do not know which is associated with that listing which has 16 reviews.

I am looking at having a new card sent for what I think is the older listing and will have to wait another 2-3 weeks for it. I guess I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to associate the listings when they are un-verified with the Google+ Local page by any other means than what is in the edit details section since nothing lines up there with that page. Figured I would ask since they are really concerned about this client and are not happy about the idea of waiting another two weeks for some sort of answer. I already told them to take a seat because its gonna take time but I was curious to if anything like that existing to determine what listings are what.
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Sorry Grant, if neither matches in dash then I'm not sure how to tell which one is the one with reviews.

Maybe someone else has an idea.
So we can investigate and try to help with your listing, please post the following info:

LINK to G+ Local OR if it's missing, link to web site:

Name, address, phone (as listed in dashboard):

Verification date:


Related History:

Screenshot(s) if helpful:

Good point Colan. I should have asked. If we can see what's up Grant maybe we can spot something that would help.
It sounds like the best strategy might just be to remove the two listings in dash, since they aren't even verified yet. After you do that, simply re-claim the listing and you will have no doubts about it.

Some further advice might be possible with screenshots of dash. edit screens, and a link to live listing, but I have a feeling the simplest plan would be what I mentioned.

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There is just one live G+ Local page, correct?
Thanks for the feedback, I think I am just going to remove them from dash and start from scratch.
Thanks for the feedback, I think I am just going to remove them from dash and start from scratch.
You could post the links to the G+ pages and/or Google Map Maker features and we could help troubleshoot it for you. It sounds like you have a situation that involves duplicates and/or merged features and that can be tricky.

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