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Jul 7, 2017
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Hi everyone

We have one client with about 24 locations who we keep getting Download Not Enabled for multiple locations daily. We clear them out--they come right back the next day. Google support hasnt been helpful and I see this is an issue with others on the Google forums

Does anyone have any insight on this? Its very frustrating.
We, too, have a client where this keeps happening. Not sure why they are triggering this, either.
Yes, almost daily for one my clients with 36 locations. Two others with 90+ and 30+ don't ever have it.

I wonder if it is the vertical? My problematic client is in the health care space, also notably different it is adwords enabled.
Hey guys, I'll go check the private Google Top Contributor forum and see if this issue has been raised/discussed there. If not will alert Google to this thread.

Keep ya posted...
A private forum? Do you have to know a special handshake or codeword to get in? "The eagle flies at midnight" ;)
Found this from a 2016 thread so seems this has been an issue for some time.

You can learn more about downloading locations here, and how to enable listings for download (as well as what the "download not enabled" messaging means) here.

Does that help at all?
A private forum? Do you have to know a special handshake or codeword to get in? "The eagle flies at midnight" ;)

Haha! Should not have mentioned that I guess...

But one of the major perks of being a Google Top Contributors is that we are able to report/discuss issues like this that come up, directly with Googlers. If the managers we work with don't have an answer they'll push it up the flagpole to the product manager or engineer that deals with that type of an issue.

So no secret handshake. Have to just work hard to become a Top Contributor, to join the club. :)
Hey guys,

Linda posted over at the GMB forum and I saw it so I thought I'd update this thread. This is a known issue that Google is working on resolving. I'll try to update this thread when I hear back that it's resolved. It's been happening for quite a while.
I had the same issue too. It was the menu url. I went in and removed it and today was the first day we didn't have the issue. GMB support is not helpful at all. You have to edit the field to find the bug since all that you are asked to verify you information is correct.
My client is in health care as well. Our other clients were not impacted by this or were immune to it.
I've also heard that it shows up when you have pending "updates from Google" that you need to accept. Accepting the edits should clear this error.
Yes @joy that is another reason for the download not enabled. Mine wasn't from updates and was the fact that Google didn't like my menu url. Prior to that, it was attributes that they kept forcing on us to accept. All of our locations are on the ground floor and Google wanted us to select that we had a handicap accessible elevator. The bottom line is you have to figure out by trial and error what is causing the repeated and daily download enabled because Google reps won't tell you.
We are still running into the issues. This morning about 24 locations had Download Not Enabled.THey were fine on Friday then came in today and they all said it. When we speak to support they act like they dont know what we are talking about. The listings ARE live based on what we can see but they just show this Download Not Enabled in dashboard.

Our client has access to dashboard so you can imagine they are thinking things are wrong when they are not.

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