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Oct 30, 2015
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Does anyone have some actionable info on either of these 2 review sites? We have a customer who has sent cease and desist orders and they do not seem to respond. I checked the DAuth of each and neither is particularly high but I thought someone might have some info/experience in dealing with either of these...

Thank you as always!
Are they showing in the Knowledge Panel for the business? If so, I have had success getting that removed, but not the listing in organic results itself.
@jrobbins If you can create a thread on the Google My Business forum and paste the link to it here, I'll go ahead and escalate it to Google for you. You'll need to include the business name & the exact search you did on Google to trigger it in the Knowledge Panel.
@jrobbins I actually need the thread to be on Google's forum (not this one). If you click the link I referenced above it will take you to the GMB forum and if you create a thread there, I can send it to Google for you. I know it's somewhat annoying to have you do it on a different forum but it's the official one for Google support so I can only escalate the threads there. I deleted the duplicate post you put here - sorry for the confusion.
I did so (place this one the GMB forum) Joy. Go look. Its over there...
I tried to find it but there are a lot of threads. Can you reply with the link to it?

By Google's forum do you mean the forum within "Localsearch forum's" platform. Or do you mean Google sponsored forum?

Can you send a link to the G forum you are referring to? I have posted this on the "local reviews" forum and the GMB forum within this (localsearchforum's) platform
Hey @jrobbins
I'll reply to the thread that you posted but I still need the link to it :)

I am frankly exasperated at this point. I've posted the link twice here and once on the G forum that "Yan G" noted/advised me to do so above. Can you just email me at This should be pretty easy...thanx...
Hey @jrobbins

The forum is public so that multiple people can assist and learn from threads so I don't like taking things offline (to email). I found the thread over at the GMB forum. There are dozens of threads posted there per hour which is why I kept asking for the link. The link you posted above and on another thread was the link to the business you were inquiring about.

The link I was asking for was this one: review linking to a knowledge panel - The Google Advertiser Community - 1816791

I will respond over there now.

I am not sure what magic you pulled but that review element, "Reviews from around the web" (the one associated with "") was removed from the page. I can't thank you enough!!!!


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