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Sep 12, 2012
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So, my chiropractor's main listing took a dive in ranking awhile back. This seems to have coincided with a ranking increase in his practioner profile. Now, his practitioner profile ranks even better than the practice, despite not being claimed (which shouldn't matter technically), no reviews, and the website being linked to his doctor profile page on the website, not the main domain.

Ideally, I'd like to get his practitioner profile merged with his practice profile but he is not the only doctor there. As long as Google's guidance is still the same as it was ie they won't merge a practitioner profile with a practice profile unless they are the only doctor there, I don't know what to do to get that to happen.

Again, I want to get the profiles merged. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to actually get that to happen?

And if not, any other ideas are welcome as well.

Thanks guys!
I doubt that a Practioner and business profile can be merged as they are different profiles according to Google.
You can try changing the practitioner category, I've seen Alternative medicine practitioner, Health consultant, and Doctor (not sure if Google requires this to be MD or not).

Even if they allowed them to merge, and I don't think they've changed that guideline, they might want the listing to be xyz Chiropractic: Dr. John Doe.
Make sure the practitioner category and main category are different. Also be sure to have different phone numbers. Having a different website URL is advised as well.

I wouldn't try to merge the listings as it won't do much, if anything.

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