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Jul 7, 2014
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Is this an enhanced serp listing


I believe those are just site links - but you never know until you see it live.
Could be something else or something new?

Was that pulled out of a KW search or brand search? Can you give us the exact query?
Yes I know but when you do a brand search you get different sitelinks, I find it odd that of all the SERPS this is the only company that is showing this type of results.
I briefly checked yesterday and didn't have time to post back but was having a hard time finding some of those links on home page so was wondering what was triggering and if they were using schema or something. But got sidetracked so didn't get very far.
They are all located under the "New Patient Center"
I could find no schema

My thought is, if we can figure out why this is showing up we can create pages like "Special Offer" and use it to set SERPS apart.

Kinda like authorship pictures did in the past

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