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Oct 28, 2016
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I notice the knowledge panel for one of our business where another business is promoting two events, one in March and one in July. I wonder how that is possible? My wonder is actually if they can do this, why can't I... or more precisely how can I. We are using an outdated content management system with no ability to integrate Schema... The source is Thank you for any insights you can lend.
PM me or post a link to the listing in questions please. Happy to take a peek.
PM me or post a link to the listing in questions please. Happy to take a peek.
Thank you Ben, I am unable to replicate today, perhaps the administrator published incorrectly and since removed the events. I will return here for guidance if it resurfaces.
I can confirm that we've seen an increase in these in the last few months. Tim Capper also covered an article about it recently that pointed out even Google's listing has a bunch of crappy events on it.

You should be able to get GMB to remove them if you contact support. You can also use the feedback button at the bottom of the Knowledge Panel.

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