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Nov 3, 2021
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Has anyone else noted a crazy uptick in the number of posts/photos getting rejected recently? I understand stock photos are now against the guidelines, but surely you can't just reject every post that includes a stock photo? Otherwise there will be thousands of companies unable to make Google posts. Wondering if there's a clear solution to this issue?
I haven't ever really had any issues with posts/photos getting rejected in the past. However, this week I have had several instances where photos were getting rejected. Even new actual photos of a product on display at the store were getting rejected.
Since this morning I've noticed it's not even just stock photos getting rejected, it's actually photos my clients have taken! Any idea what's happening? With this and the constant review problems, it's getting incredibly difficult to manage Google Business Profiles.
Original photos and content on my clients posts, but still being rejected.
I see that even though they get rejected, they are still being shown live in Search, so that's good..
Probably just a bug?
There was a Google bug over the past weekend, that now appears to be cleared up, that rejected most posts and photo uploads.

In many cases, they were noted as rejected but actually showed up on the profile anyways
Looking at the pages I manage, I can see that the bug is still on the table. Hopefully, the algorithm will be improved, so it can rightfully catches only the posts violating the guidelines.
Yes it probably is. Does the post show on mobile even though rejected?

Check list/decision tree:
  1. Photo or text not duplicate of previous post
  2. Image size is within acceptable limits
  3. Image is sharp
  4. Image doesn’t have more than 10% text (along edge)
  5. Image tested against Cloud Vision Ai for safe search and isn’t “racy”
If you answered yes to all of the above then it is the bug.

But as the list points out, it is increasingly persnickety.

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