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Jan 15, 2021
Reaction score

Our small business gotten a whole bunch of bandwagon negative reviews in last 24 hrs on Facebook. Our score has dropped to 0 out of 5, with zero reviews. We initially had a 4.7 review and 100+ reviews. Just wondering what is going on and what might be the end result with the score. Related to this situation, we’ve gotten 3 1 star reviews on google, but it seems like there should be more….are theses possible reviews being filtered out by Google or are the going to eventually be posted?

Thanks for your help!
This could be on Facebook's side. They're having some odd issues with reviews right now. They're saying it's because they're making updates, we've also heard that there's a bug and they're having a hard time resolving it.
Is the negative review campaign only on Facebook? Are your other reviews on Google showing up consistently? If it's just from Facebook, I'd wait to see what happens with their internal review issues before worrying too much.
This is the second report I've seen today of something being wrong with Facebook reviews. Haven't had time to investigate, but I wonder if there might be a bug, RSR.

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