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Mar 15, 2013
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We have a competitor with over 20 fake positive Google reviews. They're all written in the exact same manner. Some VERY long and oddly detailed. It's quite transparent.

Is it really that easy to fake reviews? I mean, some have been up for years. Is it worth reporting them as spam?
It does not hurt to report as long as you don't get to emotionally tied to the outcome because there is no telling if they will be removed. Typically they need to violate guidelines or have a clear spam pattern such as the reviewer reviewing businesses all over the world.
Thanks Linda. I'll give it a shot. Don't worry I'm not hanging on the result:)

I mainly brought this up because the fake reviews seemed very poorly done and easily spotted by a trained eye. I guess I was just a little surprised by how easy it.

The review world is all over the place, I guess. With Yelp you can't get your genuinely happy customers' reviews to stick... and with Google you simply write your own :p

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