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Jun 6, 2018
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Is there any faster method to get a new page indexed aside from "Request Indexing" in GSC please? It's been a few days now since I had done it but still shows URL is not on google.
@mikepcservice, what @Conor Treacy said. Also, one thing we haven't touched on is: how are you checking indexation status? Of course, just as crawling and indexing don't happen at the same time, indexing and ranking don't happen at the same time. So even when everything's going as it should and your page has been indexed, it will still be a while before you see your page in the wild for any terms, except for maybe super-obscure terms. If you haven't done so already, you'll probably want to default to the basic search operator.
I've never needed to do much more than post the article and off it goes. This will depend on how often Google is coming back to index and check on your site. The more frequently you post, the more Google gets into a rhythm of checking your content and crawling more often (without having to wait 2+ weeks).

Keep in mind, that the API, while it does work, it's not encouraged by Google and there's a warning on RankMath's site;

Note: Google recommends that you use the Indexing API ONLY for Job Posting and Live Streaming websites. However, it works on any type of website and many of our users have seen great results already. Please proceed with caution.
@mikepcservice, there's no way (that I know of) to contact Google about slow indexing. Google does everything in bulk, and very little piecemeal. Even if there's a nominal way to contact them for help, you'll just get the "Take a number" treatment.

If you have:

1. Laid down lots of internal links
2. Included the URL in your XML sitemap
3. Submitted the XML sitemap in Search Console
4. Used the "Request indexing" tool in Search Console
5. Maybe added links to the page on other, relevant sites you control
6. Scrounged a couple of links to the page or to the domain if it's a new domain

...then it'll be indexed soon.
So I am thinking your recommendation is for me to be patient and use the natural method gsc as best option?

For me, yes. If Google doesn't recommend it, and the other site says "use caution", I'd have to weigh the risks. Content will index. Whether it's 1 day or 1 week, in this case a few days won't matter.
For sites that don't update their content that often, usually I see them indexed under 2 weeks. We have active sites that are crawled, indexed, and showing in less than an hour, but it all depends on past activity.

Has it been crawled and not indexed? Have other pages been crawled recently?
Let's check if Google is actively crawling your site:
  1. Open Google Search Console
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click the Settings Cog Wheel
  3. Click "Open Report" for Crawl Stats
  4. Click your domain under Hosts (usually the one with the most crawl requests
  5. In the "By Response" section, click "OK" and see the URLs recently marked as indexed
Here you will find recently indexed pages and posts from the site (it looks like there might be a delay from the weekend, so there may not be anything showing since the 24th).

This will give you an idea if Google is actively crawling your site. If they are, then you just need to be patient. If it's already been submitted, you just need to wait for it to be indexed. If it's showing that's its been indexed, then do a search for a sentence from your post (with quotes) and you should see it showing in Google Search Results.
Yes, they're different processes.

Crawling is the discovery phase. It searches websites, and adds them to a queue
Indexing is taking the queue and adding the information to the database and organizing it
Ranking is the final part where based on how you were indexed, you are put in different buckets for display

Since you've now got the crawling done, and it says URL can be indexed, you're one step closer. If you put your URL into a Google Search, you should see it showing up shortly. Then it's a matter of tweaking for better ranking.
I've always found tweeting on Twitter with the link gets the page indexed in Google very quickly (usually within the hour). FWIW (I would imagine that would have something to do with the popularity of your Twitter account though - in the sense that I doubt an account with a handful of followers and only 10 tweets would have the same sort of clout).
It's been now exactly 7 days since the blog was posted and I had requested indexing, how long should one wait before maybe contacting google for help please?
Thanks, according to what I am understanding from these stats in the image, seems like the site is being crawled every 10 days or so. Therefore should be crawled before w/e.
From what I am seeing this morning, looks like it was crawled as was predicted but this is telling me that the site was crawled today but I will need to wait for it to be indexed so crawling and indexing are two separate processes, is this right please?

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 7.39.17 AM.jpg

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