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Aug 4, 2012
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I spotted this fantastic post from SEOMoz over the weekend (I must say that we have had some great "local" themed posts from SEOMoz recently) :D

Anyway, check out the post - It has some valuable advice on the actual process of building citations for clients.
Roboform looks very cool indeed :D:cool:

Finding and Building Citations Like an Agency - YouMoz | SEOmoz


The post was written by Casey Meraz of Ethical SEO Consulting. I noticed (post-LocalU) that these guys also did a really good recap on this years Local U, with a video as well.
That is also worth checking out:

Local U Recap: David Mihm's Local Search Tactics | Ethical SEO Blog
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Thanks for sharing that, Nick. Good stuff. I've never heard of or used Roboform, but it seems pretty handy. Although there is a cost to it. I set up basically the same information fields with Chrome using their Autofill settings. (Go to Settings---> Show Advanced Settings---> Under Passwords and Forms, click on Manage Autofill Settings)

If you're looking for something that stores all of your login information, I use Dashlane. It's also free and it seems to do a great job at keeping all of my IDs and passwords stored and ready to go. When I visit a site that requires a login, it does it automatically for me. It's also available for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones, although I've never tried it for mine.

Anyways, just thought I'd share, since those tools I mentioned are free. I, however, do accept cash tips. :) lol
Thanks David - Good points there and thanks for the advice about using Dashlane - will have to check it out!
Thanks for the info, Nick. Good to see that we're on track with how we approach things.
If you lived closer I would take you to lunch! ha! So, I do use Chrome Auto fill but it isn't as FAST as Roboform and...... I appreciate you pointing out both of these posts! good information in both!

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