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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi All,

I have a situation, and wondering there is a diagnosis.

I have a personal injury client, and it seems for most queries "auto accident attorney - <city name>" most of the comeptitors have one of their "areas of practice" pages showing up, but for my client the home page shows up. Note that the home page is not optimized for "auto accident attorney" - it is focused on "personal injury attorney", and the practice areas are optimized for the individual keywords.

The pages are well linked, and WMT shows that the pages are linked, the pages show "indexed" in WMT....but, a search for inurl: practice_areas they don't show up....

hmmmm. What gives?
@HoosierBuff, yeah, that is often how it goes. It can work to your advantage, if the homepage isn't sparse on content on specific practice areas (or services, treatments, products, etc.).

It always seems to be a question of link juice, of which the homepage usually has most or all. If you're willing to go beyond internal linking and rustle up some relevant inbound links (some locally relevant and some professionally relevant) TO the subpages. So I'm talking about not just links to the domain (which help), but also links to the specific practice-area pages.

Easier said than done, but the good news is the bar is lower, in terms of competitors who have subpages with a few relevant links to rub together.

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