Oct 29, 2014
"More Info"

Two seemingly simple words that really carry weight. For the previous 10 years "More Info" has been the best way to expand a listing, and everyone used it.

When the new maps came out, these two words were nixed. This has been my biggest complaint with the new maps, as a customer and a manager. Google highfives itself for integrating elements from G+ to GMaps, but the ease and functionality of going from GMaps to a business' G+ just isnt there. I know, I know you gotta click "reviews," but thats non-obvious! Give us the "More Info" button or a G+ button that sends the customer to the G+ page!

I also wish they wouldnt force streetview onto the listings, especially when Im #1 or really any time I have uploaded pictures. I can understand if there were no jpgs associated with the business and google wants to give customers something to look at, but my clients want to see an attractive image to represent their business, not some grainy, poorly framed image. Sometimes its best to be #2 in the rankings because it doesnt force the streetview image.

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