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May 28, 2022
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I am new to pay ads and only am interested in the map section.
Munderstanding is you cannot separate paid organic search from map search?

After turning local extensions on:
Is it the highest overall bidder for all ad spend in a given radius that also recieves google guaranteed map placement?

For a 5 mile radius will it be the SAB with highest combined ad spend get top map spot for that 5 mile radius?

My niche is pest control and I always see Orkin & Terminex in top 2 map ads? Is this because they have the best QS?

Is the algorithm set by overall add spend not just for a given radius?

I understand there’s probably more than one factor with map ads.
Anyone with knowledge in paid search please chime in!
This wonderful blog thank you for your time and insights @JoyHawkins .
If I am in spot 1when bidding on KW “pest Control Dallas” will I get top map google ad spot for anyone she searches for “pest control” in Dallas,

Or will my clients need to still use the long tail version “Pest Control Dallas” within the Dallas area for you ad to pop up.

Thank you for the clarification. I am about to spend a good portion of my savings for grow my start up-company. Setting up advertising wrong can be costly. .

I am passionate, like everyone else here.
Grateful to be a member of the LocalU!

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