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Feb 25, 2014
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Hi guys,

Just checking to see if someone can tag a products expert regarding a redressal form?

Case: #0-6870000032501 submitted 5/16/2022, posted to the GBP Help 6/14/2022

This was the case of a user having both their business name, and a DBA name in their Business Listing.

Is there a better method to tag a PE? Maybe a generic Twitter account?
Hi Conor,

There is no way to tag a product expert. The Google business profile forum essentially works on a first come first serve basis.

It looks like your post is not live. This happens quite often and I would encourage you to read this article and then repost.

Well, that's definitely odd!

I just deleted and re-posted it under a different profile, and when I checked in incognito, it says that it cant be viewed in my language;

I can see it if I"m logged in under the user account, but in incognito, there's nothing showing.

Any idea what I did wrong? :) Message was fairly generic;

Assistance Escalating Case #0-6870000032501 - Google Business Profile Community.jpg
Well, something must be wrong - even that post hasn't been published and it's been nearly 2 days.

Not sure how else to post to the forum - any ideas?
Try putting all the case ID's, dates etc into the document and just link to the document. Keep the details in the actual post to a bare minimum.

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