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Nov 20, 2017
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Hi there,

I have a client who is not too tech savvy and has no idea who owns the account that their GMB listings are housed under. I requested ownership to each of the locations via each individual GMB listing. It has now been over a month and I have no news about if/when I should be getting ownership of these accounts. Any ideas on how to solve this issue w/o access to that original ownership email account?

Thanks for any help!
If you used a domain based email to attempt to gain ownership (and didn't hear back from the current owner after 7 days), then you should be able simply log in and claim it. When you log in with the domain based email, it will have a pop up saying something like..we did not hear from owner, do you want to claim..or something like that. If not, I would reach out to GMB support on Twitter or FB to help you gain ownership.
Scott, Thank you for that advice! I will try using a domain-based email this time and see what results I get.
Even if you didn't, you can probably still go through GMB support on Twitter or FB to get control of it.
It has for me. G puts a lot more trust in a domain based email than a generic email address. When I've had to use a generic one, the listing simply became unverified and I had to go through verification process with a mailer. With a domain based email, I'm able to get it immediately on the 8th day after requesting transfer and no word from current owner.
Along with a domain email, I've found that using the email with the verified analytics/webmasters tools account will almost always do the same thing.

As for the original question, you do have to be proactive in requesting access. When you sent the request, you should have received an email with a button to request ownership, after 8 days have passed. Though if it's been a full month I don't know if you would still be able to use the links in those particular emails

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