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Dec 15, 2020
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Hi everyone, I’m new here, it’s great to sign up and join the forum after a year of following from Australia. Since launching our agency the issues and questions are starting to arise, so I’ve decided to ask the community and seek some expert advice. I have a new client who has changed address 3 times since setting up her GMB. She now has a showroom in her local shopping area within another business. She is currently set up as an SAB in her GMB but I have recommended updating her address to the showroom, so that people can find her locally and come in and see her. The problem is we expect that change to probably trigger a post card to be sent out, and in Australia they can take up to 3 months or longer to arrive. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to best proceed? Or do we just have to change the address and see if we need to reverify with the postcard?
Hi Stefan!

From my experience, as long as you've verified the listing via postcard as a SAB before, the chance of getting suspended or "pending" is very low. Also, if she´s changed the address several times before and depending on whether those addresses are far apart from each other, a new verified address can benefit her since Google uses the verification address to determine proximity. If someone searches from anywhere close to the showroom and the verification address is a few kilometers away chances are that the showroom won't pop up in the local search results at all because the address is just too irrelevant. I'd definitely give this a go.

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