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May 26, 2020
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Our agency has had major issues the past few months with edits on GMB. We will update a client's hours, categories etc. and they will revert back within a matter of 24 hours.
There has been much back and forth with Google Support and they have now definitively said it is a third-party app causing the changes. This could only be Local Vikings.

We find Local Vikings a really valuable tool but this issue is causing major problems. Is there a known bug with Local Vikings? Has anyone encountered this and found a way around it? Any insight would be welcome!
I see this problem with many tools, LV, Moz, Yext.. I suggest disconnecting it. Tools can cause suspensions as well.
FYI the developers of Local Viking run this Facebook group and are very active there: Local Client Takeover

I'm sure if you post your issue there, you will find out quickly if other users are having the same problem, and you'll no doubt hear from the developers, too.

It's always a curious thing for a Google rep to say that a third-party tool is "causing" an issue. That means it *could* be a bug in the third-party tool reverting the changes or it could be as BenFisher suggested: that somewhere deep in the GMB ruleset, those third-party changes are being regurgitated because they're, well, third-party. Fun!
They have a feature called Sentry which locks certain information down and rejects all google suggested changes ( Both Publisher suggestions and UI changes) I would say this is the issue.

Go into Local Viking and check to see if that is switched on. Its a feature of their software, So this might be it.
Hi @ABran
There is even no need contact to the developer, You simply log in to the respective Google account, then open this page.
From here you can easily find which third party app is having access to your GMBs, Simply delete it, Then after the API access gets revoked a respective business will have access to your GMBs.


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