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Nov 8, 2018
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Hi there,

One of my clients has a bulk verified account in GMB, but when trying to answer a question in the FAQ section, it keeps returning an error message (See photo attached).
When trying to answer as a "regular" user, it works fine. It goes the same for another client, which isn't bulk verified - everything works perfectly fine.
Could it be that Google isn't allowing Bulk verified accounts to answer FAQs? that would be odd, though.

Did you encounter a situation like this? What did you do then?


Is the client trying to use the same account for both (1) posting the question, and (2) posting an answer to the question?
Thanks! will definitely do that.
It's been more than a week since trying to contact GMB chat support, but I haven't heard from them since. What is their usual response time? Is there another way to contact them?
@liorenda Whenever contacting support through chat always ask them to send you a follow-up email. This will give you a case ID as well as an email you can reply to if you have follow-up questions.

What was the outcome of the chat interaction? Did it require a follow-up?
We filled in the contact form, but never got any answer or call.
Forgot to mention that now we can't reply reviews either. Keeps giving us an error message. We downloaded the new GMB app, hoping we could answer via the app, but I guess it's not built for bulk verified accounts, since it only presents 100 locations out of the 300 we possess.
@liorenda I'll need the maps URL of the listing in order to have Google troubleshoot further.

Can you DM that to me?

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