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Hi - I am in Johannesburg, South Africa, and I am seeing this message when looking at my clients'

Does this relate to the same issue?
Any update on this issue? I'm still seeing missing GMB actions from April 30th-May 1st and no search or maps views for the same days.
Nope, I'm still not seeing it either. Switching to week view just goes blank.
Data gaps around the first of May cleared up. However, still seeing the massive drop in Map views from April 5th - April 11 across 2k accounts. You would think a significant loss of GMB data would have been recovered by now or backfilled (looking at you Search Console). Goes to my theory that GMB data loss and Google index bugs are related.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 11.47.58 AM.png
weeeird... I'm seeing some dips around May 11th (searches) and May 17th (actions) - is this still happening to anyone else?

I'm seeing May 11th zero out as well. I'm also seeing no data from the last week if you switch to weekly under the actions section.


When GMB shows a zero-day of data in reports, but later the data gets filled in, what is the explanation for why it didn't show for several days?

Is it a warehouse to web interface issue? Or, is it a data collection issue? If the latter, is it possible the presented data may not be complete? Does anyone think there have been instances of complete or incomplete data loss where Google presents aggregated GMB performance metrics from another day for another as shown in the case of Search Console (April 26)?
Anyone noticed a complete lack of insights recently on their accounts? I have a gap going back 5 days now. Any ideas on what causes this?
Not sure what exactly causes it but it happens all the time and is usually fixed within a few weeks.

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