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Jul 16, 2014
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Anyone else seeing more views on Google Maps vs Google Search for a local client?

Trying to figure out if it's due to an algorithm change or the November local update and the impact.

For this same client, they experienced a December decrease in organic search of 40% and a drop in November of 27% for organic.

Views in Google My Business Insights are like impressions. They are not clicks on your listing. They are also not reporting on unique visitors. They are counted per view so if a user saw the listing on Search and then clicked to Maps, it would count as 2 views.

Every time the business is visible anywhere on the map (even if the person just opens up their phone to get directions somewhere else), it counts as a view. For example, on this map, I just gave every business here a view.


View spikes could also be the result of ads. If you have branded pins, expect your view counts to skyrocket.

Views are also one of the most volatile and inaccurate data points inside GMB. I would suggest completely ignoring them.
@JoyHawkins "Google My Business Insights are like impressions", yup that is a given.

What are your thoughts about the GMB accuracy for Click-to-Calls, Directions, & Click-To-Websites?

Thank you.

The numbers for click-to-calls represent about 30% of the actual calls (on average) since they are only tracking stuff that happens on mobile. However, we've found the trendlines to be accurate so if GMB Insights says calls are down, they generally are down.
@JoyHawkins - so are you saying the GMB generates 70% more Calls than what is shown in Insights? Is there a way to track calls from Maps seperate from Business Profile or Lucky 3-pack?

Getting retailers to put more energy into the GMB and recogonize its importance it difficult to get through to them.

Thank you for your response.
Hey John,

If you use a call tracking number on the Google My Business listing, you can isolate the number of calls they get from it. It doesn't break it down by search vs maps though.
I have been concerned of having a negative impact on the business's NAP by changing the biz phone number for tracking. I will have to try it with a few clients.

Thank you, Joy!!

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