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Jun 10, 2016
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Hi All,

I've noticed an alarming number of our clients are losing all or some of their listings in Maps. Keep in mind, this happens regardless of their standings in organic. Sometimes it happens when their organic goes down (often of course) but even when organic goes up. We also tend (or used to) rank exceptionally well in Maps with rather "poor" organic rankings, for many clients. So, it's a mixed bag really. For example, we had one client who dominated a highly competitive local service term (#1 maps + #1 organic) but the maps disappeared -- no listing anywhere.

I'm beginning to wonder if there might be something going on with our process: are we "over optimizing" our way out of Maps (is there such a thing?)? Are we over doing it on the inbound link campaign (how would you explain the positive organic growth then?)?


Something is amiss here.

Could there be a new algo update going on?

1. Is it safe to say:

a. If maps disappear, there is a penalty?
b. If maps just goes down, we have an optimization problem?

Thanks for any insight.

if you provide some more business details we could help out in more detail
Yes, agreed. It's really difficult to give you some suggestions without being able to dig into some specific examples.

Are you seeing this across a chain or franchise? Or are these totally separate businesses?
well look what it will be Chadd this is Danny

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Also if you have the specific date(s) you saw the ranking drop, that would help.
When did the GMB traffic drop? What is the clients "mobile friendly" status?

I have a client with a similar sitch.

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