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Sep 17, 2018
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Is there a way to upload a CSV or spreadsheet of product SKUs with images to a GMB product catalog? Adding one at a time is a royal pain. I am hoping by now Google added that feature, although searching I could not find it. Crossing my fingers. :)

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@Jeannie Thanks. I am already aware the products are not listed on GMaps. I am trying some testing by adding popular, major Brands with SKUs to see the effect on the local business, which is difficult to measure, but I have some ideas. Also, to see how G views that business through the products added to specific "product categories". I have another GMB I would like to test with but they have 8 locations. :-(
I was research Google Merchandise Center which allows for a spreadsheet upload. One consultant suggested finding someone on and look up 'Bid Strategy Manual CPC' to enter all products.

Can you test the same product at all 8 locations against some hypothesis?

You are able to upload a CSV if you're working with Google Merchandise... which seems very similar to GMB products. I suspect there is a connection.

Side question on products. The few I've entered have easily uploaded the photo's I had on hand. For my employer's knowledge, what kind of specs are required or optimal for the photos?

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