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Dec 14, 2022
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I have a project that I am working on.

Client has a retail store in a major metro area selling home products (think appliances). They sell a wide array of products at their retail location including smaller ticket items like parts and supplies. A portion of their business requires on-site installation. This company is expanding their reach to surrounding markets for the products that require installation. They want to focus on a few of their products in 4 surrounding markets. The markets range from 10 miles to 50 miles away from the main retail location.

I am trying to find a way to claim Google business listings for them in these secondary markets. One of the ideas is to create a sub brand. In this idea if the local company is called "ABC Appliance Outlet" but they only want to focus on selling outdoor kitchens in these new markets we would name the new ventures "Outdoor Kitchens by ABC Appliance". This would get a full DBA legal entity name. It also sets expectations for the searcher that this is not a full on ABC Appliance Outlet retail store but instead just their outdoor kitchen division. Or should we just create the listings under the "ABC Appliance Outlet" name in these sub markets?

The next problem is that these products are sold in the local sub markets by reps in those areas either in home or now virtually even when the rep is local. They will not maintain an actual walk-in office in these 4 locations but they do have sales reps that cover these 4 areas giving them an actual local presence there. Each location has it's own phone # which can be answered by the local rep or could roll over to the main location if they can't answer.

The issue comes in of not having actual addresses for the business in some of these locations.

Scenario 1: The sales rep for on market says he's fine with using his home address to get the Google postcard as long as it doesn't show the address on Google. He lives 20 miles away from the target market but it is a low competition rural market.

Scenario 2: In the other situations the company is either not comfortable basing their listing on using the addresses of newly hired reps who they don't know how long will they will stay with the company OR the reps don't want their home addresses used for privacy reasons.

If we register with the local counties and get an occupational license and file a DBA tied to a UPS Store address would Google accept this as extra verification?
Sales reps are not allowed to use their home addresses to create a business profile. It has to be an owner or manager of the business.
Thank you for the reply. This would be the owner creating them my reason for making the comment about the sales reps is that the client does have local boots on the ground but there is no need for this business to have a physical office. The reps work out of company owned vehicles and their home offices so there is no local physical address tied to the company.
You can't use the home addresses of sales reps. It doesn't matter who creates the business profiles. This violates Google's TOS.

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