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Jul 5, 2020
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My current understanding is that Google has no ToS problems with a business populating its own GMB Q&A.

Of course, many websites have FAQ sections as well, and I'm wondering how the two areas can be best utilized for a given business.

Curious if any of the GMB pros here have advice as to the best practices between the questions and answers in the GMB's Q&A section vs. the related website's FAQ section?
  • Should every conceivable question be asked and answered in both places?
  • ...or should the two areas have a few questions in common and some distinct questions?
  • ...or completely different on both?
  • ...or..?
Thanks in advance!
We only usually add a few. I think after that it gets debatable how much anyone would see them since you'd have to scroll down through all the questions and answers to see them. I think the most thought should be put into which question you want listed on the Knowledge Panel.

Anyone else having trouble getting questions published? I am unable to post questions to a GMB profile now for some reason, when I've done it many times in the past.

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