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Jan 29, 2014
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I'm having an issue with my GMB. On March 11 or 12 someone marked my GMB listing as "Temporarily Closed". I changed the edit to "Open". My GMB listing has been #1 (sometimes #2 or 3) all across Edmonton for years for terms like "SEO <space> Edmonton" and "SEO <space> Company <space> Edmonton" however since the 'temp closed' edit, my GMB listing has all but disappeared. I can see it 'only' if I type in my name (Andy <space> Kuiper <space> Internet <space> Marketing), I don't show up at all for any other types of kw searches. How should I best go about getting this sorted out?

Andy <space> Kuiper <space> Internet <space> Marketing
Andy Kuiper Internet Marketing
(780) 800<space>1857

-10-Scan-Report-LocalFalcon march 3:21.png

-10-Scan-Report-LocalFalcon march 22:21.png
Hey Andy,

There were some pretty major shifts in ranking on March 10. I believe it was an algorithm update. I would say the decreases you are seeing are likely a result of that, not the temporarily closed label.
There is a bug that was stripping out the address behind the scenes on SABs. I wonder if that happened here? Andy, do you want to post on the GMB forum and I can ask?
Update: heading in the right direction :) Searches are now showing me in the city Edmonton (rather than in the province of Saskatchewan) yay! :) But I'm still not showing up in the local pack, or any of the 231Map listings for the search query "SEO Edmonton" when searching from my physical location. I have a feeling that better positioning in the Local serps will come once the algo has things sorted out - I'm feeling very positive - thanks all, for your support and help :)



Hello all,

I seem to be having a similar experience to the gentleman in this thread:
Though mine has some different twists that may have caused the issue.

I created my GMB profile several months ago and with the help of of this forum and other resources, my local search rankings climbed and I was consistently in the top 5 or 10 and with more reviews and time, figured that would go higher. One day, I made several changes to the profile...updated hours, the description, added a few more zip codes into service areas...basic and easy stuff. Business was suspended. I opened a case with GMB support, explained what I did and suggested the suspension was a mistake. They reinstated the business immediately. Issue was, now I was in the 50’s and 60’s rank wise. After some back and forth with support and waiting a few weeks, nothing got better. Then I noticed that, though my service areas were all local to me and my location was properly listed as Naples, FL, my business was showing up in Independence, Kansas (I was number 3 there!). I sent a screenshot of this to support. Something was broken in the backend for my business. After some more back and forth and weeks, no change. The final result was to mark the business as closed and delete, then recreate under a different email. I did all of this as directed. Set up profile the same way, same categories, web, phone, service areas.....etc. Identical. I post weekly, upload pictures weekly and have followed all of the optimization ideas found here and elsewhere. I sit in the 30’s or 40’s ranking wise with several competitive businesses that do not have complete profiles, reviews, photos or posts ahead of me. I am thinking that the old listing may be causing this issue but ask for your thoughts and comments. The business is Vintage Power Clean in Naples, FL. I hope it is appropriate to list the business name here for you...if not, please advise what information is needed and how to get you more details. Thank you in advance!

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