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Jun 28, 2012
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We had a Hangout with Google Friday to discuss some changes to the TOS that will now allow for multiple owners of an account.

The update just went live today, so I wanted to share.

TOS Help Center Article:

Update to our Terms of Service

The Terms of Service have been updated for Google My Business to support having multiple users in the owner role for a listing or business account.

You and Google may authorize users who have authority over the subject matter to act as managers or to become an owner of your Page. Any such user must accept these Additional Terms before becoming a manager or owner. Read the full Terms of Service

CHECK OUT THE NEW TOS HERE. See "Authority and Access" paragraph #2.

So the links above are pretty self explanatory. I think this is primarily designed for situations where corporate AND the stores need to be owners. Or the franchise AND the franchisees.

But I think it will be helpful to agencies as well!

There's an oddity that baffles me though! I'm posting this here at the forum, but then I'm going to ask Google about it.

The update has not been added to GMB guidelines at all yet. I guess this is just a TOS update, but seems like it should be mentioned in the guidelines under "Ownership" too - don't you think?

What do you think???

Linda at least as of this morning, it's not an option to add someone else as an owner.

I just checked both of my GMB bulk accounts and you can only transfer ownership, not make another owner.
Yes, oops, sorry should have mentioned.

This is just a TOS update that let's folks know the option could be added in the future.
The actual ability to do it has not been added yet.

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