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Jul 22, 2013
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Google beta testing "Chat with your customers" from a link on the Knowledge Panel. IMHO this is a direct response to Facebook's Messenger Code / Response Assistant / page chatting feature. (can't come up with the right name - somebody?)

First reported live incidence of this in the pros group:

Link to G doc page:

Wonder whether this will have legs... Would love to hear from biz owners whether FB and G going down this track is more of a headache (one more thing" to stay on top of) or those who grasp it really get the rewards.

Anyone know of a biz that's doing this, or FB or both?
I am surprised this thread isn't a hot topic. I think this is a huge deal.

More info:

It plays right into what Google is doing with the new Allo app and also Google Home.

You will be able to communicate with bots and live staff via chat without having to resort to Facebook or Email or Phone calls.

It is very exciting for me because it is another example of why small business owners need my services to stay in touch with modern consumers.
Hello Margaret,

Thank you for first live spotting accreditation :) However, the screen grab I posted is simply from Google's help doc.

Due to an error which I mentioned in the Pros Group, I have not been able to set this up for my client yet. Hoping to have time to circle-back with Google and resolve the issue this week.

I will let you know if I get it up-and-running!


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